Lakaisha McCaleb
Lakaisha McCaleb, Entreprenuer, Speaker, Philanthropist

Growing up battling major health challenges and dyslexia, LaKaisha McCaleb proved to be more than a conquer, by beating cancer three times she learned to overcome many challenges.

LaKaisha graduated high school early despite being bullied and dealing with her disabling diagnosis at the age of 15-years of age. Through all of the health challenges she was determined to NEVER let anything hold her back in life. She kept her faith and love in God and stood strong through it all.

Moving on to another chapter in her life at the age of 17-years old, many of her friends were having children and had a hard time being able to attend school or work. However this situation gave her the passion to start her first home daycare. She was inspired to help her friends and others in similar situations. LaKaisha believed that young mothers should be able to have affordable and quality daycare services, so that they could continue their education and provide for their families.

Later LaKaisha went on to modeling where she was known as the original Apple Bottom model. Through this experience she recognized the true definition of “Beauty” in which she believes starts in the heart. In 2007 with this belief she created, I AM BEAUTIFUL and HIGH HEELS TO HIGH PLACES programs for young girls. Her vision was to instill positive attitudes and self-worth into young girls.

The programs were designed for 7-weeks where the girls would learn life skills, goal setting and learning where true beauty comes from along with her help guide workbooks. These programs have many valuable teachings, which prepare girls for a successful future. With that being said the programs were so successful that LaKaisha received a letter of Recognition from Governor Matt Blunt. She also became a board member of the Dreams to Reality and 2015 spokesperson for the United Way of Central Missouri.

LaKaisha holds a variety of certificates in childcare and management and is the CEO and President of her own organization, United Families Foundation, which was created to help strengthen and bring about a positive change within our communities. Having such a strong passion for helping people she believes she possess the attitude and qualities to bring about this change. Now she is one of the proud owners of JOY & GLADNESS DAYCARE one of the only 24-Hour daycares in Jefferson City, MO.

However, her heart and dreams is still focused on the empowerment of our communities and families. LaKaisha has encouraged others with the statement “Always believe in yourself &dreams and never give up.” She is the perfect example of such words, actions and encouragement.